Tuesdays Featured Artists



Today we have Dave Matsick and Rob Hewitt.

To support Dave you can purchase tickets at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Matsick

To support Rob you can purchase tickets at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Hewitt

It really helps this project a lot! You can scroll through the site and check out all the artists and help support the ones you want it would mean a lot to them and to Urban Art Movement!


Thank you see you tomorrow!!

Monday’s Artists

monday featured artist


These are our featured artists for today! The time is nearing for the show!!

If you want to help support Wyatt buy a ticket at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Perkins

If you want to help support Paul buy a ticket at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Trujillo

Passed appetizers are included in ticket sales!


Thank you!

Featured Artists

sunday featured artist


Today we are featuring 2 artists! Chad Westmoreland and Nise Ressa.

To support Chad buy a ticket at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Westmoreland

To support Nise buy a ticket at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Ressa


Can’t wait till Wednesday! See you all soon!

-Urban Art Movement

Artist of the day



Today’s Featured Artist is Lindsey Mickelson with Cmnd-Z apparel.

To help support her in this coming Wednesday’s show buy a 10$ ticket from http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Mickelson


Thanks everyone we appreciate your support!

Urban Art Movement

Featured Artist



This is Alex Andriesse and he is our featured artist for Wednesday’s Red Tie Artists Showcase. To help support him you can buy a ticket for 10$ at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Andriesse

Even if you can’t make it out buying a ticket for these artists helps a lot!

Thank You,

Urban Art Movement.

Red Tie Event Featured Artist

Hey all! Hope this holiday season has reached you with love!

We have our second Urban Art Movement Artists Showcase coming up on Wednesday December 12th! This will be a Red Tie event so get out your cocktail dresses and suits and gear up with holiday spirit. We will be showcasing 8 visual artists and 1 clothing line. Very excited to have this show in time for Christmas. The show starts at 7pm and tickets are 10$ including Passed Appetizers and some Christmas sugary treats!

I wanted to feature Jamie Dufek to help her sell tickets to this show! She is a multi media artist:



To help support her you can buy a ticket at http://thesavoy.electrostub.com/Dufek

Buying a ticket if you can’t make it helps also but we want all of you there!


See you all soon!

First Show Success!

Wow what a success our first show was! With 8 artists involved it brought quite the crowd and most sold work which is such a success!

The night was packed with creativity between Halloween costumes, body painting, music, and art! The Urban Art Movement crew worked extremely hard for this night to happen and the turn out was amazing.

We also have huge thanks for The Savoy crew who ran appetizers, checked at the door, tended the bar, and picked up after guests.

Enjoy the pictures, if you bought art enjoy your new art and we look forward to the next event which will hopefully be in December.

If you have any questions or comments or want to be involved email: adornedskin@gmail.com


Thank you so much everyone!


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